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Mirror in the bedroom: ideas of accommodation (28 photos)

Designers are advised to add mirrors to the interior to add lightness to space, but many do not dare to take such a step, considering that the mirror in the bedroom is not the place. A bedroom is a room where a person who is tired during the day wants to relax, therefore the atmosphere of this room should be soothing and relaxing.

Feng Shui experts advice on how to place a mirror in the bedroom

Mirrors have a positive effect on the energy of the house, but they should be placed carefully in the bedroom. If the mirrors in the bedroom are positioned incorrectly, they will absorb positive emotions.

Feng Shui experts forbid the installation of mirrors in the following places:

  • Opposite the bed - according to this Chinese teaching, the soul of a person leaves its earthly envelope during sleep, so it should not rest on its reflection. This will negatively affect the quality of sleep, nightmares will torment the sleeper, and his body will not really rest. Bad emotions must leave a person in a dream, and the mirror surface returns them back.
  • Opposite the marital bed - this arrangement leads to adultery. By the couple, reflected in the mirror, attracted "third person".
  • Opposite the door - mirrors have the ability to accumulate energy at home, both positive and negative. If the mirror hangs in front of the door, it drains much more energy from the owners than usual. The circulation is disturbed, negative flows come from outside, and the mirror tries to balance them.

The mirror should be located above the head of the bed, in a dimly lit part of the room, for example, on a table in the corner in order to attract beneficial energy. It can also be placed on the ceiling if the bed is not reflected.

Options for the location of mirrors in the bedroom

We offer to your attention the successful options of how to place the mirror in the bedroom.

Mirrors for decor

Mirrors, located so that it is impossible to look at them, perform an exclusively decorative function. In this case, the mirror will create glare on the opposite side of the room, reflecting the light. If the size of the mirror paintings will vary, you get the original game of light and shade. This will significantly enliven the bedroom interior. This idea is usually liked by tenants, so that designers even create mirrored suns that reflect light from the window.

Mirrors in color frames can be a bright color accent, and mirror compositions with white or pastel framing make the design of the room more pure and calm.

Wall mirrors of rounded shapes resemble raindrops or sea water. They will perfectly fit into the interior in the Mediterranean or modern styles. An interesting option for bedroom design will be the use of artificially aged mirrors - for a classic style or retro interior.

Mirror at the head of the bed

Mirror over the bed - the traditional version of decorating the bedroom. The height at which the mirrors should be placed is not critical. Focus approximately on the center of the wall. And then you can place a little lower or higher, depending on personal preferences.

The headboard can be decorated with a number of rectangular or shaped mirrors. Usually they come in the same shape and size, but no one forbids experimenting. A one-piece mirror sheet can be hung above the bed, and if desired, the whole wall can be made mirror-like.

Dressing table

Many women consider it necessary to put a table with a mirror in their bedroom. After all, it is on this practical piece of furniture you can put cute little things, cosmetics and jewelry. Often the dressing table is associated with the past, and its exquisite appearance adds to the room of vintage charm.

Dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom make the room more feminine and comfortable, especially if the mirrors are oval or round. If you live with a man and you want the interior to be too feminine, then select a table in a minimalist style with a square or rectangular mirror.

Usually, a mirror with a mirror in the bedroom is located on the side of the bed. If you bought a table with an opening mirror, then it can be placed anywhere. The advantage of this piece of furniture is that it can be used not only for its intended purpose. The folding mirror can be removed, and the surface can be used as a workplace. This feature is useful to those whose housing does not have an outstanding size.

A dresser with a mirror in the bedroom can be an alternative to the table. On the shelf will fit a large number of necessary things. If there is no such item in the store, then you can easily build it yourself by hanging a mirror over the dresser.

A curbstone with a mirror in the bedroom is also a great option. Especially well looked symmetrically set double tables. Depending on the size of the room, they can be of different sizes. Creativity can be shown by choosing mirrors for bedside curbstones. The shape and size depend only on your imagination, you can even create a unique mirror composition.

Floor mirrors

In the bedroom, they not only take care of the skin of the face and put on make-up, but also put it on. A full-length mirror will allow you to carefully examine your appearance. A large mirror can be hung on the wall at the height level, but this is too obvious a solution to this problem.

Floor mirrors for the bedroom can be a "highlight" of your interior. They easily fit into any style: for example, for a modern design, you can choose a mirror of irregular shape, and a mirror with an elaborate frame would be ideal for baroque.

Floor mirrors can simply lean against the wall, but this requires a spacious room. Still such mirrors are heavy, therefore it will be difficult to constantly move them. If the bedroom is small, then consider the option with psyche. It is easy to move it to see your outfit in different lighting, and this mirror can be installed under the desired slope.

Mirror cabinet

A wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom is the right choice for owners of a spacious room. Especially gorgeous wardrobes built into a niche. In this case, this rather big piece of furniture does not clutter up the space, but compactly merges with the wall and becomes its mirror part.

But not only the wardrobe can visually increase the size of the room. Even a small closet with hinged doors will cope with this. He also has a good capacity to store your belongings, and in the doors you can safely see yourself in full growth. For elongated rooms suitable corner cabinet with mirrors. He will visually expand the narrow bedroom.

In order not to lose, calculating the size of the future cabinet, listen to the recommendations of leading designers. They argue that if the floor space is half full of furniture, such a room will not be beautiful. First, determine the dimensions of the bed. Based on its size, calculate how much space you allocate to the wardrobe, bedside tables, chairs and other furniture.

How to care for mirrors

If you do not take care of the mirror surface, it will lose its brilliance, so it is important to get acquainted with the information on how to properly care for the mirror in order to prolong its service life:

  • Due to excessive moisture, the mirror is stained. Clean no more than once a month.
  • If direct sunlight falls on the surface, it will quickly fade. Try to hang the mirror differently.
  • Do not use window cleaners. Because of ammonia, which is in the composition, a thin layer of silver is washed off.
  • If the mirror does not shine enough, moisten the linen flap with a strong infusion of tea, squeeze the cloth well and wipe the surface. This method was also used by our grandmothers. Also add salt water brilliance.
  • For weekly care, wipe the mirror surface with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Traces of flies can be easily removed with a cut onion.
  • If hairspray stains appeared on the mirror, they can be removed with a solution of vinegar. On a glass of water is taken a spoon of nine per cent vinegar.

A mirror is a subject that is often endowed with magical properties, but because of this, you should not be afraid to place it in the bedroom. Enough to study the advice of experts on feng shui and not too zealous with the number of mirrors, so that they become a real decoration of your room.