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Maroon bathroom: luxury and elegance (28 photos)

Sometimes you do not want to arrange the bathroom with light colors that are familiar to everyone. In an attempt to get away from the ordinary, many are interested in the color of the burgundy. In the pictures, the burgundy bathroom looks amazing, but people who want to find something in return for bored light tones are frightened away by the fact that the burgundy color is rather dark. So, it visually narrows and so small bathrooms. Undoubtedly, the bathroom design in burgundy colors is more suitable for those who have a spacious, but even an ordinary bathroom, you can successfully arrange, if properly combined burgundy with neutral shades.

Features of shade

In the Middle Ages, burgundy was used in heraldry to emphasize its high position in society. Commoners were forbidden to use this color. Now this color is also associated with wealth and respectability.

The color of wine, fragrant roses and ripe sweet cherries is obtained by mixing red and brown, so the qualities of these flowers are inherent in the noble bordeaux. From red he got energy, passion, dedication and sensuality. From brown - reliability, courage, constancy. Bordeaux symbolizes wisdom, maturity, there is no aggressiveness of red in it, only confidence in the proper correctness. At the same time, it allows you to concentrate on your thoughts and increases efficiency.

These qualities help a person achieve a lot, but there is a negative side. Over time, in such an environment fatigue accumulates. In the worst cases, simple fatigue can turn into depression. To avoid this, you need to be able to harmoniously combine it with other shades.

Examples of color combinations

As you already understood, it’s impossible to get a really good result by decorating a room with burgundy color only. To the bathroom did not seem dark and inconspicuous, you need to dilute this saturated color.


Such a combination of contrast will look perfect in any room, not only in the bathroom. Variations of this combination can be many. Saturated wall colors can be soothed with snow-white fixtures. Add light fixtures, a bath mat, a mirror frame, towels and a shower curtain - and the room immediately takes on a majestic look, losing unnecessary weight. Also, the white floor will be a great addition to the burgundy tile on the walls.

Marble white and bright burgundy can be simultaneously used for walls. For example, lay a light tile on top, and use a cherry shade below. The ceilings in such a room will be visually higher.


This noble color will make the interior more delicate and soothing. By analogy with white, you can dilute burgundy beige. So the bathroom will be not only stylish, but also insanely comfortable. Maroon tiles for the bathroom will look very elegant if it is combined with beige.


To finish this shade should be resorted to if you want luxury. Golden bath faucets, lamps or just patterns on the walls will allow you to get a royal bathroom, but only gold in this case will not be enough. It should be added to the interior a little light colors (milky, pink), so that the room does not look dull.


A popular combination for country style. Suitable only for spacious rooms, as dark colors will visually make a standard bathroom tiny. Cherry walls can be complemented with vintage cabinets. The floor is made of wooden boards or tiles, stylized wood. You can sheathe the walls with wood panels, and decorate the room with burgundy laundry baskets, bath mat and lamps. The result will be a kind of rustic chic.


You can only use the finish, like gold, and you can install silver plumbing. This shade will reflect the rays of light, which will make the room more airy. The burgundy color emphasizes the dignity of silver and makes the bathroom elegant.

Other colors

A bold combination of burgundy + black. This will certainly emphasize the good taste of the owner, do not forget to just add light blotches, so as not to overdo it.

To complement the room with pink is to betray her tenderness. In the bathroom there will be an atmosphere of calm and romance. Bath mat, bathroom accessories, towels, bathrobes - all these pink things will help make a strict room cozy and welcoming.

Green and burgundy look spectacular together, but this combination of tones has a peculiarity: get tired quickly, so this combination is advised to be done in rooms where a person spends a little time. The bathroom is just right.


Most bathrooms are small. If the prevailing color of the decoration is burgundy, then the room will visually become even smaller. It will be a shame if you spend a lot of effort, time and money to get a luxurious bathroom, and as a result will come out something resembling a cave.

In any bathroom there should be a lot of light, and in the case when dark shades prevail in the decoration - this is not only desirable, but necessary.

Good lighting can be achieved by adding a couple more to the main lighting fixtures.

For example, the original sconces will add not only light, but also become the highlight of your bathroom. You can also make the backlight of the mirror: place the vertical lamps at the edges, and highlight the area where the bathtub is located with dotted recessed lights.

The burgundy color is extraordinarily beautiful, but using it only in the design of the premises is an unforgivable mistake. Excess burgundy will quickly begin to oppress the owners, and then completely begin to annoy.

Taking advantage of our recommendations and remembering moderation, you will create an outstanding design that will please you for years.