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Decorative marbled plaster - antique motifs in the interior (27 photos)

The construction market offers a wide range of materials for surface finishing. They differ in scope, installation method, price. The most demanded materials that are rapidly gaining popularity are decorative marbled plaster. With its help, you can translate into reality the most original and daring design solutions, to complement any interior, to give it sophistication, elegance and charm.

Marble was once used to decorate walls in castles and palaces. Only very wealthy and respected people could afford such a luxury. Thanks to modern technology, marble walls can be made in any house or apartment. Decorative plaster is a reliable imitation of a noble stone, presented in a wide range of colors, which allows you to choose the option for finishing almost any room.

Advantages of marble plaster

Decorative marble plaster is a mixture, the main components of which is marble chips. The unique composition containing preservatives, antiseptic, water-repellent substances, as well as a special technology of application allow you to create a coating that most accurately reflects the surface of the noble stone. This material has many advantages.

  • Aesthetic properties. What could look more luxurious, more refined than marble walls? This coating will decorate any room, regardless of the stylistic direction of the interior.
  • Environmental friendliness. Plaster does not contain harmful substances, during operation does not emit toxins.
  • Wear resistance. The material is not afraid of mechanical damage, resistant to wear, for these qualities is not inferior to natural stone.
  • Wide range of. Mixtures are available for sale, with which you can create a unique coating of different colors with elegant tints and a variety of shades.
  • Durability. Decorative plaster is resistant to moisture, does not fade when exposed to sunlight, therefore, retains its original qualities and attractive appearance throughout the entire operating period.

There are several varieties of finishing materials, with which you can successfully simulate a marble surface. The most practical and reliable is marble-granite plaster, which is characterized by the best performance, can be used in commercial premises. The composition with granite grains is very durable, adheres well to the base. But most often they use material with marble chips, with the help of which it is possible to most accurately display a stone surface on the walls in a private house or apartment.

The disadvantages of decorative marble plasters include their high cost. However, the price is fully justified. Such maintainable, aesthetic and reliable coverage will last for many years. Do not try to save money by buying low-quality material; this will necessarily be reflected in the aesthetic and operational properties of the finished surfaces.

Scope of application

It is possible to use decorative plaster imitating marble to finish surfaces in different rooms. Effectively, it looks in the bedroom and living room, hallway and nursery. This is a functional and practical option for finishing walls and ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom, because the material is not afraid of high humidity, water, temperature changes, resistant to damage. Exquisite marble imitation will add grandeur and special charm to any room.

As for the styles, marble plaster is almost universal. For rooms with characteristic features of classical styles (Baroque, Italian, Provence) use mixtures of light shades: white, beige, milky. If the interior is modern (loft, minimalism, country), neutral and dark colors will perfectly fit into it.

Decorative plaster perfectly fits on different materials, as it has a high degree of adhesion. It is easy to work with it when finishing plasterboard, reinforced concrete slabs, bricks, foam blocks, chipboard panels. Excellent moisture resistance, wear resistance and aesthetics allow using decorative plaster not only for interior but also for exterior finish. Beautifully decorated marble columns and other complex architectural elements.

Application technology

Marble surface is well polished, smooth, smooth. In order to achieve the same effect with the help of decorative plaster, one should follow the recommendations of experts when performing work. It is very important to choose a quality material. You should not eat low prices, because often they are not very good quality. When buying a mixture should pay attention to the manufacturer and composition. The best are considered decorative plaster from Italian manufacturers.

In order for the finishing material to adhere well to the surface and conceal all defects, it is necessary to carefully prepare the base.

The ceiling or wall is cleaned from the old coating, polished. If there are weak points, they should be tapped with a hammer so that the old plaster falls off before you start working with finishing materials. Next, you need to seal all cracks, align the irregularities. Then the base is treated with a primer. Work with decorative marbled plaster consists of several stages.

  1. Following the instructions on the package, you need to prepare the finishing material, mixing with a mixer dry composition with water. The result should be a gruel, the consistency of sour cream.
  2. Using special dyes, we give the plaster the necessary shade.
  3. The first layer is applied with a spatula with smooth, smooth movements in one direction so that a perfectly smooth surface is obtained.
  4. When applying the second layer, you need to create a rough texture. This can be done using multidirectional, chaotic strokes.
  5. 15 minutes after the surfaces are coated with the material, the grout should be started. To create a reliable imitation of a noble stone, they begin to rub off when the second layer begins to dry, but it has not dried completely yet.
  6. The last stage - ironing, which is designed to give the marble surface shine. It is performed using a stainless steel spatula.

If done correctly, you should get a beautiful durable coating that resembles a marble slab. Since the material is not cheap, do not take up the execution of finishing work yourself, if you are not confident in your abilities. It is better to entrust this business to professionals. Walls and ceilings, decorated with decorative marble plaster, will retain their original qualities throughout the entire operational period, pleasing with their attractive appearance.