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Red tile in the interior of the bathroom: passionate design (26 photos)

Usually in the bathroom are considered the main light colors: white, yellow, sand, olive. These colors help to relax, relieve tension. Light colors in this case is a classic, it is considered the norm. However, modern designers more and more often offer quite bold experiments: decorating the bathroom in defiantly red tones. In their opinion, the red color raises the tone, gives new energy, helps to gain strength.

The design of the bath, made with a predominance of various shades of red - it is fashionable, stylish and original. And people are increasingly eyeing this option.

Red is the color of passion, hot love. A bathroom decorated in this color will add spice to the relationship of a couple in love. According to the research of psychologists, red color is preferred by self-confident people to whom predictability and routine are alien. Such people are characterized by will, emotionality, openness, and sociability. If you consider yourself to be in this category, feel free to decorate the bathroom in red - this will emphasize your inherent qualities, which were mentioned above.

How to do facing

Red tile can be the entire surface of the walls and floor. However, such a tile is placed, as a rule, in certain areas (around the bath or above the sink). You can use a combination of different shades of red: for example, in the form of stripes or all sorts of patterns. You can play with the types of tiles - on a matte background any pattern will look very impressive.

As you know, the type of surface ceramic tile is matte, glossy, textured or decorative.

Now on sale there is a large selection of decorative red tiles. It can imitate various materials: leather, fabric, stone and others.

On sale are all kinds of rubbing materials in red. Such a mixture can be processed monochrome tiles, resulting in various patterns, for example, in the form of national Scottish fabric.


The use of mosaics in the design of the bathroom allows you to get as a result of any pattern. It all depends on your rich imagination. It is possible to lay tiles of different types, glossy and matte. You can play with different variants of red color, from the brightest to the darkest burgundy. You can not dwell on the red color. Many other colors are perfectly combined with red: white, yellow, black, beige, olive.

The combination of red tiles with other colors

Red and white

Many designers believe that the most successful with red color looks white. Red-and-white colors are preferred by creative people, young couples, as well as people seeking to fill their lives with new emotions and bright colors. Here you can give preference to both red and white color.

If you decide to focus on red, then plumbing fixtures and furniture should be white. This technique is currently very popular. It looks stylish, elegant.

If you decide to choose white as the main color for your bathroom, then the furniture should be red. This option, though not as popular as the previous one, has its advantages. Such a bathroom looks especially stylish, cozy, romantic, unique and elegant. In this case, the red tile is recommended to put in the form of horizontal or vertical stripes. One wall of red color against the rest of white will also look stylish.

There is another option for facing the bathroom in red and white tones - the use of plumbing equipment in red. This option is not yet so popular. On the one hand, it may look defiant. On the other - very unusual and extravagant. True, it is worth plumbing red decently.

Red and black

Like white, it goes well with red and black. Red and black gamma is most appropriate for a spacious bathroom. If you decide to arrange your bathroom in red and black colors, then take care of sufficient illumination. For this purpose it is necessary to add several fixtures. Thus, you can also visually increase the space of the room. In addition to these primary colors, you can add a few additional shades: white, gray, gold.

Bathroom styles using red tiles

Among the various design options for a bathroom using red tiles, the following two styles can be distinguished:

Chinese style

Chinese style is above all natural and simple. In addition to red, other shades will not be redundant, but the main color, of course, must be red. Various accessories associated with China will also be in harmony: statuettes, a fan and so on.

Classic style

It is believed that the classically decorated bathroom should be exactly white. However, this is not always the case. In this case, red will look very appropriate. The interior of the room will be decorated with wooden furniture, accessories made of copper. The bath with curved legs will look gorgeous.

Tips from professional designers

So, for the design of your bathroom, you chose a tile of red. Of course, first of all listen to your desires. The room should look like exactly how you want it. However, it will not be superfluous to follow the advice of professionals.

If you chose red as the main color for decorating the bathroom, do not actively use other colors. Even white and black colors successfully combined with red should be secondary. Otherwise, the interior will look catchy and contrasting.

If your bathroom is large enough, then red is what you need. All the advantages of the red tile mentioned above will be fully disclosed. However, if the bathroom is not spacious enough, the red tile here is not the best option.

If you love red so much, you can use its various shades: pink or burgundy. Do not get too carried away with glossy tiles. Otherwise, get an excessive amount of glare.

Red is the color of love. Let this wonderful feeling always reign in your house!