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Blue bathroom (19 photos): fresh design and beautiful combinations

Blue bath is considered a classic option. Some people consider the interior in this style to be outdated, so they choose something else. It is not right. It’s time to find out which options you can use for your own home in order to destroy erroneous judgments.

Blue bath in modern style

Original tile and beautiful furniture - this is what is required to change the room. The master of his craft will change every detail, making it attractive and bright. For him, even the curtain is part of the overall picture, so it is worth noting the main subtleties with which he will have to work.

  • Contrasts;
  • Situation;
  • Finishing;
  • The decor.

The interior of the bathroom is a complex system. It will require a proper nightstand and other furniture, but this is only part of the overall work. It is necessary to describe in detail the items to show what can be achieved by seriously approaching the question.


Making the room in bright colors, immediately have to look for contrasts. Professionals select unsurpassed color in the interior, able to bring something new and unexpected. You can consider a couple of interesting combinations, most often used in projects.

Blue-blue interior - a simple and soft solution. This design allows you to use the same color, changing its intensity. Ceramic tile or mosaic is taken as the basis, and the stretch ceiling emphasizes the general idea. This technique makes the walls only part of the overall picture.

The beige-blue interior is a non-standard solution. It is used by experts who even turn the rug into a part of the design. In this case, the walls, floor and ceiling are made blue, and beige and black details are added to the furniture or decor. Such a detail can be a curtain that stands out against the general background.

The brown-blue interior is the best option for lovers of natural wood. In this case, the furniture and in particular the cabinet remains natural. Ceramic tile for walls and floor is complemented by a second tone, and the ceiling turns into a complex combination of several colors. Yes, working with such a technique is hard, but the result becomes unpredictable.

Yellow-blue interior - a bright solution. Such catchy tones on the walls and floor will help bring a mosaic. Let the stretch ceiling remain classic, the rest of the details will turn the color into a constant part of the surrounding space. And the curtain and furniture will receive additional warmth, and the sink will stand out against the background of a beautiful rug.


Evaluation of the environment will make the room magnificent. Its design largely depends on the cabinets and furniture, because the sink and the bath itself are only functional parts of the interior. To achieve comfort is easy. Now manufacturers are helping with this, suggesting that the curtain and the rug are a simple decor, and the space should be filled with other elements.

A nice option is the cabinet in which the sink is installed, a small dressing table and a pencil case. Perhaps this is enough to create comfort, and the presence of different tones will allow you to choose and pink-blue, and beige-blue, and yellow-blue design. No one will limit buyers, so they can easily achieve the desired result. Moreover, this requires only personal wishes and good ceramic tiles in the finish.


Finishing - the main part of the work. The design makes use of quality materials in the interior of any style. The modern choice is ceramic tiles, mosaics and suspended ceiling. They are optimal in their characteristics, therefore they are irreplaceable in projects. It is worthwhile to consider the ceiling, floor and walls separately in order to suggest color and reliable solutions.

The ceiling is an important part, even though people think that no one will look at it. So, the blue-blue interior is perfectly complemented by clouds, so you can not refuse to work with them. For the bathroom, the ceiling will become the main carrier of the color, so the beige-blue design should take this detail into account.

The floor must be practical and beautiful. Mosaic - the most affordable and attractive choice. Want to get a pink and blue style? Or intrigued yellow-blue combination? It’s time to take the choice seriously to find the amazing picture. Let her part hide the mat, it will not break the overall effect.

The walls are traditionally covered with ceramic tiles. Yes, it can be used freely in the repair, but you need to find the optimal color. The blue-blue interior takes walls as the basis for creating complex transitions between tones. The mosaic framed by the tile also looks nice, it will become a peculiar picture that enchanting view, having received additional decorative functions.


The last stage of creating interior design is the choice of decor. Colorful rug and curtain in tone will turn into a useful solution that can please every guest with its beauty and fantastic simplicity. In any style there is a place for such details, so working with them in a blue-blue environment remains a necessity. Even the furniture is not as important as the minor elements hiding on the general background.

Shutter - an indispensable tool designer. Its pink-blue or brown-blue shade is the perfect choice if you want to shade a dull floor or wall. In many cases, it saves inexperienced owners who are trying to create a complex interior on their own, although for simplicity it is better to choose a plain version.

A rug will also help complement the surrounding space. Ceramic tile walls and floor tiles will be simple, but next to them there will be an unreal combination of colors. Especially pleasant are the author's models. There is nothing standard in them, but they are irreplaceable in the bathroom. With its small area, such an element is unsurpassed.

Lamps should also be considered a decor. Their location in the room is necessary, but such a step is primarily dictated by beauty, not functionality. If you refuse the common light, a mosaic will stand out on the wall, or the ceiling will acquire a mystical brilliance. After that, you just enjoy your stay in the bathroom.

Why bluish shades?

Trying to move away from the traditions in the bathroom, people refuse to blue. They make a mistake, because furniture, nightstand, rug and curtain can transform the interior. No one says that you need an ordinary boring ceramic tile and a bleached ceiling, you should find the optimal contrast, from which you can push off.

Designers do not in vain make the interior a bit standard. The usual cold color constantly met people for decades, becoming familiar. You can refer to it, but you should carefully complement it with warm shades. Due to them, the bathroom will find a second life, filled with comfort and coziness. And there will be no additional costs, because with an optimal choice, the result will be ideal from all points of view.

The abandonment of standards is a major step in attracting people in modern bathroom designs. They want to find the optimal color, so they pay attention to the white-blue or brown-blue tint. Professionals neatly work out even small details, making them significant. After that, they manage to turn the surrounding space into a great place for each family member. So it is impossible to completely abandon traditions if you want to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in your own apartment.