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Wallpaper for the bathroom (20 photos): interesting interior design solutions

Most apartment owners do not consider wallpaper for the bathroom in principle, because in the view of an ordinary person, paper wallpaper next to water and heat will not survive for several days. Several more often they paste over the walls of the toilet with wallpaper, but even more often they try to do with tiles. Is it all so hopeless and the wallpaper for the bathroom can not be found? Or simply we don’t know much about the properties of familiar materials?

Wallpaper in the bathroom - to glue or not?

The main and serious claims to the wallpaper - the active absorption of moisture from the air and swelling in contact with water spray. Therefore, wallpaper for the bathroom are defined as extremely short-lived and "flimsy" material.

  • In case of improper pasting, move away from the walls.
  • Paper wallpaper is deformed instantly.
  • Water "finds" glue under the wallpaper and destroys.

It turns out - in the interior of the bathroom, they do not fit in any way? Nothing like this! The advantages of branded wallpaper, suitable for pasting bathrooms, largely overshadow their disadvantages.

Main advantages:

  • Wall-paper for a bathroom is much cheaper than tiled coverings.
  • It is easier to glue wallpaper than to tile or put plastic panels. You can handle it yourself.
  • It is easy to change the design of the bathroom or toilet, to paste on the ceiling wallpaper, "pushing" the space.
  • Finishing new wallpaper process is fast.
  • The incredible variety of offers allows you to choose any type of wallpaper you like.

Selection features

The right choice of wallpaper in the bathroom - half the success of the case. They must be moisture resistant, preferably marked "three waves". Special requirements for glue:

  • The presence of antifungal supplements.
  • High moisture resistance.
  • Increased adhesion.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes.
  • Accounting for the type of wallpaper to be used.

It is not necessary to glue ordinary paper (or paper-based) wallpaper on a simple all-purpose adhesive.

Types of wallpaper

There are special types of wallpaper that have positively proven when sticking in the bathroom. With equal success, they can be glued to the ceiling or walls to create your own, special interior.


Cheap wallpaper in the bathroom. They have a special coating that protects from delamination and moisture penetration into the deep layers of the canvas. Well wiped with a sponge, some just wash. Due to this, on the surface of the walls does not develop mold and fungus.

Special marks on the packaging:

  • One wave - water resistant.
  • Two waves - sponge rubbing is acceptable.
  • Three waves - wash well.

According to practitioners, an option for those who are not afraid to glue new wallpapers for several months and likes to change the interior.


Washable vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom based on non-woven or paper, the top layer of polyvinyl chloride. Can be on vinyl foam without embossing, compact vinyls and on the basis of rubberized vinyl.

Features important when pasting the walls of a bathroom or toilet:

  • Often contain antifungal supplements.
  • Give the opportunity to create an exclusive interior.
  • Heavy vinyl perfectly flattens the walls.
  • Sateen vinyls wash well, including cleaning agents that are very durable.
  • Wallpaper on the basis of rubberized vinyl is particularly resistant to moisture and mechanical stress.
  • Do not lose color even with frequent contact with water.

Those who wish to glue into the bathroom, this wallpaper must be considered - "vinyls" when spreading glue stretch, and shrink when drying. Use glue only for this type of wallpaper.

Quality gives a fairly high price, but despite this vinyl wallpaper, suitable for the bathroom, are in constant demand.

Glass cloth

Washable wallpaper for the bathroom, consisting of glass filaments of different thickness impregnated to stabilize the fiber. Embossed, ornamented, sometimes smooth. Fiberglass wallpaper is easy to glue, but difficult to clean.

Special features:

  • The natural composition of the fiber.
  • Unable to mold and fungi.
  • Completely moisture resistant.
  • Repeated repainting is permissible.
  • Cleaning with chemicals and brushes allowed.
  • Long serve.

Rules for working with wallpaper: apply special glue for heavy wallpaper only on the wall, apply paint on the ceiling and walls no earlier than in a day. Wallpaper with a picture just stick without further painting.

Fiberglass wallpaper is ideal for bathrooms and toilets.


Wallpaper based on durable non-woven material. The coating layer is a polymer. Which non-woven wallpaper is better to choose? Any. With a finished structure or for painting, with a smooth or embossed surface.

Main characteristics:

  • Pass air, but not steam.
  • Do not absorb odors.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Masking the irregularities of the walls.
  • Well glued.
  • Very strong.

The best are non-impregnated nonwoven wallpaper, but they are less common and more expensive. It is easier to buy vinyl-non-woven wallpaper, where a layer of PVC is applied on the basis of non-woven fabric.


Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom have a special technique of application, because they exist originally in the form of powder or liquid.

Technique "pasting":

  • Compliance with the temperature - no warmer than 15 degrees.
  • Primer walls.
  • Breeding wallpaper aqueous emulsion dye.
  • Distribution on the ceiling and walls with an airbrush or roller.
  • To make the wallpaper moisture-proof, it is necessary to cover them with acrylic varnish.


  • Contain a natural basis.
  • Dry in two days.
  • Completely hide the defects of the walls and ceiling coverings due to filling them with wallpaper paste.
  • Good "hold" color.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Keep warm.
  • Give a creative design.
  • Just repaired.
  • Serve a few years.

Modern high-quality liquid wallpaper in the bathroom "save" from fogging mirrors and wooden surfaces from moisture.

Self adhesive

Type of wallpaper, which on the reverse side of the roll has an adhesive layer. When buying for the bathroom, you must have an icon that permits operation in a room with high humidity. Glue is not needed. A serious drawback - the obligation of perfectly smooth walls in the bathroom.

This includes wallpapers. A good budget option for those who are able to find moisture-resistant options and glue, "not amenable to" high temperatures and water. Most of the photo wallpapers on the bathroom need to be combined, since one “plot” is not enough for the entire volume of the room.

Ceramic wallpaper

New trend in the design - ceramic wallpaper in the bathroom. Other names: "flexible ceramics", ccflex. The combination of the advantages of tile coverage and standard wallpaper. The basis is a polymer canvas, the finish of the coating is ceramic particles.

An interesting design is combined with environmental friendliness. The material has no limit on the service life. Large selection of surfaces.

Ceramic wallpaper can be "seated" only on a completely flat surface, using tile glue or a mixture of cement and sand. Be sure to comply with the technology.

Some useful tips

Pasting the wallpaper in a bathroom involves adhering to a few simple but important rules.

  • Before work, the walls are leveled, treated from the fungus, ground.
  • Pasting is made only with use of glue with the increased level of adhesion and addition of antifungal structure.
  • The adhesive mass is applied first to the wall.
  • Particular attention is paid to the lubrication of the joints.
  • In places of direct contact with water (above the sink, bathroom) take another material.

Wallpapers for the bathroom are still the most budget and the simplest option to perform. Which ones are suitable for your room? Choose the best option based on financial capacity, personal taste, durability and environmental friendliness of the material.