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Steampunk interior (38 photos): fantastic furniture and decor

As you know, steampunk style came to us from science fiction. This trend encompasses the cult of mechanics and steam engines. Gradually, the style was expanding more and more, and now it has spread to clothing, music, films, and, of course, the interior.

This design is one of the original ideas in modern interior design, standing out in our age of satiety. If you know about the right mix of parts of the Victorian era and industrial technology, you can embody this fantastic atmosphere in your home.

Steampunk Arrangement

This style is an unusual combination of romance of the past and the future, the transformation of forgotten antiques into useful things for the present. To arrange the design in the style of steampunk, you can go two ways:

  • to turn modern furniture into old furniture with your own hands, and to use materials imitating the surrounding nature for wall decoration;
  • use in the interior of antiques and gizmos belonging to the Victorian era.

The main idea of ​​this design, which you should follow when making, is what would modern civilization look like if it continued its development along the path predicted by science fiction? If instead of plastic, cellophane and other technologies familiar to us, would there exist apparatuses working only on steam engines? Ideas can be found in the books and screen versions of such writers as H. Wells, J. Verne and others. The apartment should be filled with incredible appliances that work with steam, well, or imitate them.

Colors and materials

For such an interior, you will have to abandon all synthetic materials and replace them with wood, metal, glass and stone. Of course, you do not have to try to put a real steam engine at home and seek permission to use it. No, modern manufacturers produce many imitating materials. To finish the ceiling and walls use:

  • laminate;
  • veneer;
  • acrylic and stuff.

To implement the designed design, you can glue over one of the rooms or the entire apartment with dark paper or fabric wallpaper.

The main color of steampunk is brown, they also use golden, reddish tones. The accents in the design are placed with the help of natural inclusions of emerald green, wine, rich blue and others. You can also use light colors, the main thing is to achieve separation from the real world.

How to organize space

With all the various entertaining things in the decor, steampunk should not look cluttered. This is a creative space where households should move freely and inspire each other.

If you are engaged in refurbishing a loft, then you can safely tear off the finishing materials from the walls and open the brickwork. To fully coincide with the definition of steampunk, you can use a special English grade brick.

Furniture, lighting and decor

Start the transformation costs from the front door. To equip the call with tubes and different levers, change its sound to natural sound, for example, the sound of a trumpet or drum. If we talk about the living room, then a great leather sofa with carved handles and lion legs will be an excellent acquisition. Furniture made of oak, cherry and mahogany perfectly complement the interior, and a little sinister adds a metal-sheathed front door with lots of rivets. As a coffee table, you can use large old suitcases.

Next to the usual things have strange machines. For example, you can do your own hands to create a panel in the style of steampunk, using valves, tubes, taps, gears and other parts of completely different colors, sizes and purposes. In the rooms it is possible to organize entire installations of parts from trains and trams. Part of an abandoned submarine, an unfinished steam engine, elements of the airship - all this can be created with your own hands.

For steampunk choose diffused light, creating a slightly gloomy atmosphere. The light should not be bright, you can use:

  • wall sconces, plafonds and lampshades in the Victorian style;
  • gas discharge lamps;
  • custom made lamps.

You can make a lamp out of black electric wires with sockets and wheels from a mechanical clock, hanging them on a cable from the ceiling.

The steampunk kitchen is completely transformed; even household appliances here may look different; it is decorated with bolts, archaic details, incomprehensible mechanisms, and the handles are lengthened. Stools for the kitchen do their own hands out of pipes, and the furniture body is studded with rivets. For this style, the perfect combination of red and black with elements of bronze and copper.

We equip the cabinet with bookshelves made of drainpipes filled with old folios; we turn the computer unit into a dirigible or submarine control panel.

The steampunk style is characterized by the use of a large number of accessories. They are purchased on the Internet and at auctions, something can even be found in stores. What accessories match steampunk in general?

  • vintage compasses, globes and maps;
  • drawings of fantastic instruments and devices;
  • old photos;
  • pendulum clock, barometers, wooden thermometer;
  • typewriter, lever phone and so on.

Easy first step

If you are not yet ready to arrange your entire apartment in the style of steampunk, then you can start with the design of the room where the valves, pipes and mechanical parts look more organic - from the bathroom. For example, you can install the simplest mixer with a round valve, and instead of a sink, use a cast iron trough or a copper boiler in which you need to make a hole for draining and isolate well. You can put such a sink on a metal safe, which is usually kept in the offices or medical institutions. Bathroom walls can be sheathed with sheet iron, untreated wood, roofing metal. For this interior you can use thematic tiles, for example, with images of airships or some futuristic abstraction.

Another excellent solution for the first step is to transform the basement, if there is one. The ideal option is open communications on the basement ceiling, in such a place you can make your own steampunk cinema. Using paint, you must achieve the effect of rust on pipes and communications, as if the basement had turned into a submarine or a ship. Bolts and screws can be repainted in the color of brass. The walls are decorated with sheet metal, wood paneling. From the furniture to choose leather chairs, decorate the room with old handicrafts, maps, a globe. Walls can also be pasted over with wall murals with fantastic motifs. To fully follow the style, you can attach illuminated windows to the walls, so you will become the real captain of Nemo.

It is necessary to understand that before undertaking the creation of an interior in this style, it is necessary to penetrate into its essence. The design of individual items plays an important role here. A competent approach to design fully embody the warmth, unusualness and thirst for the unknown, characteristic of this style. Steampunk is a sure way to surprise your guests, they will take a long time to look at all these amazing accessories and ask you what each one of them means. This style is ideal for creative individuals who love to do something with their own hands, because there is no limit to the imagination.