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Black and white kitchen (50 photos): stylish color accents and design options

Those who are going to plan the design of the kitchen room, can find enough publications about it on the web, although more than half of them are dedicated to the interior in bright colors. But not all homeowners are delighted with pastel kitchens, especially snow-white shades, where the only cheerful color spot is a kitchen stool. Of course the situation is a bit exaggerated, but still. On many, the hospital style is bored with sadness, boredom and sadness. Even the most new-fashioned interior in ivory is in many ways rather trivial, to the extent of its ordinariness and beating. There are many fans of dynamic and even a bit dramatic interiors. It is in this case that the design of the kitchen in black and white will be useful to us.

Of course, the use of dark and black tones in the design of premises is quite a difficult job. Even the most experienced specialists will need a lot of effort, knowledge and skills. In contrast to the use of a light palette, which, if properly used, "forgives" a lot, hiding the shortcomings of inept masters. What can we say about newcomers to design projects or about self-taught people who have heard something somewhere just by the edge of their ears, but they have neither skills nor practice.

First of all, the dark color palette is suitable for rooms of quite overall dimensions. In this case, there is a "polygon" for action space. But this fact in no way imposes a taboo on the use of black and white tones in a room with a modest area. Even small kitchens are able to afford such a contrasting and dynamic interior, the main thing is to harmoniously integrate it into the framework of the kitchen space.

Basic guidelines for harmonious combination of black and white tones

Despite the worldwide popularity of this interior, to realize the conceived project and evenly distribute the consonance of tones is a very difficult task even for the most experienced specialists. One small misstep and dining room instead of positive emotions will only cause irritation and fatigue, so you need to rely on one bidder black-and-white union. Better when one of the two contrasting colors dominates the other. Therefore, before starting a project, decide which of the representatives of the duet should prevail in the interior of the kitchen. The ideal will be the option when one color prevails, and the second modestly complements it.

The priority of black in the overall design of the kitchen room

The dominant black color is bound by much, which is why it is found quite infrequently in real life. It's simple, because most of the premises reserved for the dining area, are quite small, we can say the standard size, with not very high ceilings. The black color will not tolerate such scanty dimensions of the room, the darker the optics will further reduce the already small space. Give Black to the expanse so that there is where to roam. For the fullest possible disclosure of all the talents and splendor of this deep color, only a spacious room is suitable, not compressed by the frames of missing free square meters, always with high ceilings.

Holders of a black kitchen are obliged to take care of an impeccable lighting system, while the room should not be deficient in artificial light or daylight. At the same time, the room needs exactly uniform lighting, so it is worth paying attention not only to the dining area, but also to every corner of the room. Light should flow straight from the ceiling. Then dark shiny and glossy surfaces and planes will serve as an excellent reflector that will visually increase the space of the room and give it an aura of mystery and mystery, and even a certain glow. If the ceilings in the room were not high, but I really want to make the interior in black, you need to keep the upper part of the kitchen still white.

Dominant white in the interior of the kitchen

But owners of small premises have practically no choice. A good interior in black and white will be obtained only if you leave the priority behind white, and the black color in turn will add solidity to it. Against the background of contrast, deep black will emphasize beneficial accents and hide shortcomings if necessary. Against the background of the white kitchen set, the black equipment or the shiny black apron with the table top looks great.

Of course, white is relevant not only within a limited area. Snow-white color can be filled and unfettered space. And in the case of a competent approach, even give the room some solemnity and a sense of cleanliness. Do not worry about overkill of black accents, as it is very hard to overdo them in a spacious room.

A black and white kitchen will look especially pompous if black household appliances are supplemented with a dining table of the same color. You can dilute the picture with contrasting patterns on the front of the headset or wallpaper. To the interior of the kitchen did not resemble a sterile room, resembling a hospital ward, it should be diluted with other shades. The classic combination of black and white color will give the room vigor and dynamics, and a little shine.

What style to give preference in the design of black and white kitchen

The union of such colors is suitable for most popular style trends, with the exception of country style and Provence.

  • Classic style. Designers do not recommend to let in the room color variety. In this case, the top and bottom of the kitchen set is best done completely either white or black, and the walls - plain.
  • Retro style. It is simply impossible to come up with a better color union for this style. A black and white duo will fill the kitchen space with a vintage spirit, recalling the times of black and white cinema. But in order to add some peculiar sharpness and charm to the interior, various hand-made accessories will suit, which will also highlight the outstanding taste of home owners.
  • Modern The basis of this style is simplicity and comfort, and what could be simpler than a black and white duet. In this case, the brilliant elements of the kitchen set can become not only a necessity, but also an additional decoration. Shamelessly, fill the interior with glass and metal: appliances, fittings and utensils look very modern in the framework of modernity.
  • Hi-tech, minimalism, avant-garde. Modern styles are built precisely on contrasting and clear lines and forms. Consequently, black and white gamma, which looks expressive and even enchanting, will be quite relevant. A black and white duet can look spectacular and stylish, especially if you stick to a specific subject, for example, chess, zebra or Yin-Yang in the style of oriental harmony.

Add a black and white kitchen third element

In principle, the black and white ensemble itself looks harmonious and self-sufficient. But if the owners of the premises want something more elegant, then you can weave a third ally to the black and white duet. In the end, it can get quite an outstanding effect.

The rich orange color, red of all shades, mauve, and also green and blue of cold tones will help to bring enthusiasm into the interior. But it is better to refrain from inexpressive colors, they will not be the best option for the background of such a sharp contrast.

And for housewives who like variety in everything, different easily replaceable elements, such as curtains, textiles, dishes and furniture upholstery, will help to dilute or refresh the interior.