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Furniture in the modern style in the interiors (50 photos)

The Art Nouveau style was formed at the junction of two centuries, at the peak of the development of new technologies and materials. It is characterized by refinement and smoothness of lines, muffled colors, the original embodiment of national motives. Homeland style is Belgium, as the Brussels architect is considered the inventor of modernity.

The main characteristic features of the style:

  • plasticity of lines;
  • a lot of hand-drawn things;
  • lack of rigid symmetry in the layout;
  • decorative motifs are based on plant lines.

Furniture in modern style can be of two types. Or it is the home decoration made of the combined breeds. This technique is often used if modular furniture is made. Either these are objects from solid oak with a noble golden shade. Modular furniture can be decorated with glass or plastic, regular - with textiles.

Living room furniture

In the center of the living room you can place large classic sofas with light upholstery. Chairs better to choose from an identical set. Modern sofas can have both textile and leather upholstery. Leather upholstery is suitable for creating a luxurious interior. Sofas trimmed with textiles will fit into a more budget interior. Be sure to put a table in the living room. Sofas and tables usually have similar legs. Tabletop for the living room is better to choose from glass or wood. Upholstered furniture in modern style should be combined in color with the background of the interior. The living room should be comfortable and calm.


Place the kitchen set in the center, the color of all the cabinets should match. Modular furniture fits best here. Facades with smooth lines, without angular forms are preferable. Tables are central to the kitchen. They should have a massive worktop, long and thin legs. Tables for the kitchen are chosen according to the color of the headset or a different shade to create an interesting accent. Stylized chairs are placed near them. For the kitchen fit chairs with textile upholstery. Tables can be with a rectangular or round table top.

Kitchen modular furniture traditionally has plastic facades. Array options are also possible. Modular furniture allows you to move its individual parts on your own, so it is very convenient.

Bedroom furniture

When furnishing a bedroom it is necessary to adhere to the minimalist direction. The main focus should be the bed. Its headboard can be from an array or with textile upholstery, but without a picture. Bedding should be matched in color with a touch of bedroom walls. It may have contrasting blotches.

The interior of the bedroom can be arranged and shelves, repeating the style of bedside tables. The wardrobe is traditionally placed far from the bed. It must be made from an array. A coffee table can be placed between the entrance of the bedroom and the bed. Compact sofas are suitable for large lounges.

Furniture in the bathroom

The interior of the bathroom is limited to the cabinet, chair or chair. Beauty tables can also be arranged here, if the space of the room allows it. All bathroom furniture should be from one set and be combined with the color of the floor covering. Plumbing equipment should be made of glass, metal or porcelain. In the bathroom, non-standard forms of plumbing, futuristic bends. Cranes can be both chrome and retro. To plumbing looked harmoniously with the furniture and interior of the bathroom, it must be chosen according to the color of the walls and floor. It can also be made inline.

Furniture in the hall

It is important to leave a lot of space here, so modern furniture in the hall should be compact, preferably from a natural array. For example, you can use the built-in wardrobes. Required attributes of the hallway - a hanger, dressing table, stool or chair.

Hallway furniture requirements are not very clear. If you want to create an emphasis on the aesthetics of modernism, you can use furniture with curved shapes, devoid of symmetry. In the hallway also suitable items with soft shapes, bright colors. Pier and chair should be included. The hanger can be a separate object with a decorative meaning.

Children's furniture

A wardrobe and a bed are the style-forming furniture in the interior of the children's room. Cabinets with gables, carvings and stained glass - ideal for a child's room. A Tiffany style lamp characteristic of modernity will surely please your daughter or son.

Modern baby bed can be located in a fantasy niche, which is traditionally made in the form of an arch. The arch should have an asymmetrical shape. Choose a bed for a child's room with a metal frame and wrought iron details - squiggles, shells, curls.

Modern Art Nouveau was created for those who like to combine classics and innovations. Soft features, pastel shades - all this has to relaxation and comfort, which is the value of this design.