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Toilet bowl compact: device and convenient advantages (26 photos)

In order to save space in the bathroom, many residents of modern apartments prefer to install compact models of sanitary equipment. The compact toilet is ergonomic, comfortable, and is an excellent solution for small spaces. It is a structure in the form of a bowl and a cistern attached to it. The tank, located on the shelf of the toilet seat toilet, saves space and also reduces the consumption of additional materials for the installation of the structure. What models of plumbing offers the manufacturer, how to choose the right accessory for the toilet and how to install it?

Types of compact toilet bowls

The toilet compact is issued a floor or angular design. The tank, as a rule, is installed on the toilet bowl shelf, and the drain button is provided at the top of the product. Corner compact toilet uses the free corners of the room, allowing a more rational distribution of space. There are special corner tanks, which are also mounted to the surface of the toilet bowl. Hanging toilet provides for mounting to the installation, therefore, without the use of additional mounting structure it will not be possible to install it.

What are the parts of the compact toilet? The device provides for the presence of the bowl and cistern, which in turn consist of structural elements.


This main part of the device consists of:

  • discharge pipe connected to the sewer;
  • connecting elements for a toilet bowl shelf;
  • fasteners for the tank.

Depending on the direction of the nozzle, you can purchase a compact toilet with a horizontal outlet, with a vertical outlet, or a toilet bowl with a slanting outlet. What are the parts of the tank?


This unit contains the following components:

  • inlet fittings regulate the flow of fluid into the tank;
  • drain valve provides its drain;
  • plum button mechanism.

Installing a compact toilet bowl requires knowledge of what all these elements are and how they function, so you should familiarize yourself with this information before installation. There are certain criteria by which different models of toilet bowls differ:

  • on release;
  • on connection to the water supply network;
  • to size;
  • on the cistern.

Only then can one proceed to the selection of a suitable model for the house.

How to choose a toilet?

When choosing any type of plumbing, whether it is a hanging toilet or a floor with a cistern, you should pay attention to some characteristics.

Color and shape

As for color, only personal preferences and the harmonious combination of the chosen sanitary ware with the general background of the tile covering are taken into account. It is also important that the sink and the toilet should be made in the same color and style. White toilet-compact is a classic design of toilet facilities, it fits perfectly into the interior of the room and never goes out of fashion, while colored copies are not always at the peak of popularity.

Leading manufacturers offer various forms of sanitary attributes: rectangular, drop-shaped, oval. Recently, rounded shapes and smooth outlines are welcome.


Some models of toilet bowls are initially equipped with a seat, it is very convenient, since the buyer does not need to spend his time searching for a suitable specimen. However, there are various seats on the market with additional features:

  • heated;
  • with self-cleaning function;
  • with microlift.

The latest development - the microlift is a mechanism that provides a smooth raising and lowering of the cover. The advantages of microlift are obvious:

  • The safety of the decorative coating and the durability of the seat, as the element is lowered smoothly, without forcing.
  • Silent operation, microlift works without extraneous sounds, which is especially important at night.
  • Automatic functioning, that is, the seat with the microlift rises and assumes its original position without human intervention.

In general, regardless of the presence of modern devices, the seat should be comfortable and pleasant.


To date, the most popular are ceramic products, as well as instances of sanitary ware and sanitary ware. Before buying, it is advisable to verify the quality of the material, learn about the manufacturer's guarantees. German, Czech, Italian, Polish and American products are considered the best in the world.

In addition to widely used ceramics for the manufacture of sanitary equipment used copper, bronze, artificial stone. Such products are expensive and are often made to order.


Whatever the choice: hanging toilet or floor with a cistern, it will not serve for a long time if you do not pick up quality parts for the internal structure of the cistern. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the material. It is preferable to choose the design with the smallest number of fasteners, the choice of elements with thin connections should be abandoned.


The vertical compact toilet is installed in those rooms where the sewer pipe supply comes out of the central highway vertically and, conversely, toilet bowl models with a horizontal knee are selected for sewer pipes that exit horizontally. There are also slanting entrances, in these cases it is appropriate to purchase toilet bowls with a slanting nozzle.


This is the main factor that guarantees the normal installation of sanitary accessories. Before buying, you should make sure that its dimensions allow you to place the toilet on the planned area, the size of the flush tank should also be provided. Experts recommend to take into account the distance from the floor to the sewer pipe in the case of horizontal orientation, well, and if there is no possibility to connect directly, additional fasteners are used: coupling, cuff, corrugation.

The height of the bowl plays an important role: it is very important that the dimensions of the product correspond to the growth of all those living in the apartment. That is, before buying it is better to slightly sit down on the toilet and make sure that it is convenient: neither the toilet lid, nor the drain tank, or other structural elements should not cause discomfort.

Water connection

Depending on the location of the water pipes in the house, the appropriate model is chosen.

There are specimens with side liner or models that provide water intake from the bottom.

The first type is preferred in cases where the stopcock is located above all the equipment, well, and if the room is provided with water at the level of the tank or below, then it is better to purchase a toilet with a lower connection to the water supply network.


Despite the abundance of various models, experts recommend to pay their attention to the toilet with a cast shelf: it is more reliable, contains less fasteners, and the whole structure is easier to install. Products with overhead shelves require additional installation work, since the shelf is mounted first and then the tank. It is also necessary to pay attention to the dimensions of the cover that covers the tank; it should cover it completely, as in this case it will be more convenient to tinker with the internal parts and carry out subsequent repairs.

How to install a toilet?

Before installing a plumbing fixture, you need to purchase all the additional parts: a corrugation, a flexible hose for connecting the tank to the pipeline, a sealant to seal the connections, an adjustable wrench and silicone for plumbing work. You will also need a hammer drill with a drill for tiles and for concrete, the diameter of the lugs must match the size of the screws for fastening.

To prevent damage to the ceramic coating, a plastic washer is put on the screws. Screws twist into the floor gradually: twisting one in several turns, go to the next, then repeat the process. Installation is done slowly, you should avoid excessive clamping of parts, so as not to damage the equipment. Installation of a suspended toilet bowl requires some skills, so in this case it is better to consult a specialist, although you can use the step-by-step instructions.

Useful recommendations will help you choose the best model of the toilet, well, and you can install it yourself or call the wizard.