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Chandeliers for the kitchen (37 photos): original and stylish models

Beautiful chandeliers for the kitchen - not the most classic, but very effective solution. They can play the role of the highlight on which the kitchen design will be built. Only a chandelier can complement it and make it truly unique.

In the modern world, it is necessary for the kitchen to choose not only general, but also local lighting. The latter is usually equally important.

Chandeliers for the kitchen - choose the style

Before you buy, you need to disassemble what is the secret of choosing the right chandelier that will illuminate the kitchen or dining room. Stylish chandeliers are a separate type of suspended ceiling lights, which consist of a series of lamps. This is their main distinguishing feature from all other lighting devices.

There are various models of chandeliers on the market, but how to choose the one among such a wide range?

Initially, it is necessary to determine the role of the chandelier in your kitchen, and what its color will be. Will it be the main source of light or will the models initially serve as decor?

When choosing, it is important which interior the chandelier will be in, and in general it is worth being guided by this criterion. Choosing lighting, pay attention to the furniture, wall, parts and decorative elements. Stylish chandeliers for the kitchen can not be a separate element in a holistic picture, they should certainly complement it.

  • For a modern-style kitchen, it is better to choose models of modern - creative forms made of the newest materials. It can be concise and multifunctional chandeliers in the form of balls, cubes, cylinders. They may even be square. In addition, if the kitchen is not so pompous, you can select it with the help of a chandelier. Designers will be just appropriate here.
  • In the kitchen in a classic style is to opt for a small chandelier lampshade with pendants. Also complements the classic high-tech or crystal chandelier. The color of the glass can be different, all at the request of the owner: from transparent to color. In the classic interior designers often use a classic: a chandelier with fabric shades. But such models are best placed above the table, only in the dining area, you can also in the kitchen-studio. If you hang such a model in a small kitchen or close to the cooking area, the ceiling lamps will quickly become dirty.
  • Country kitchen, Provence or in the style of Italy should be decorated with wrought-iron or wooden chandeliers with lamps in the form of candles. Provence style looks good in the kitchen, it gives the hostess maximum freedom in her decor. In addition, the unique atmosphere of this style can translate southern motifs and modern style into reality. Sometimes, this style is also called country from France, and this is not a mistake, because the elements of the village give the interior a special warmth and coziness, comfort and hospitality. Designer kitchen style country or Provence perfectly complement the model, the surface of which is artificially aged. It can resemble silver or bronze coins.
  • In the interior, made in ethnic style, the choice of the owner should focus on lamps of the same style. They can be with a fan. Designer chandeliers from Japan are also suitable for this interior: they are wooden, they can be decorated with a lamp shade, they can be made of rice paper. Above the table, you can attach lights from Morocco, colorful figures and similar decorative elements.
  • Hi-tech - models for kitchens of this style can be ceiling or suspended. They should be made of materials of cold shades. The chandelier can be decorated with black graphic details. Everything must be strictly according to the geometrical odds. As for materials, then it is possible to use such options: models made of metal, plastic, glass.
  • Floristics - this style itself is beautiful and elegant. Its appearance and original designs that are decorated with petals and flowers. Lighting for such a kitchen should be appropriate. A crystal chandelier would be appropriate if the kitchen is connected to a dining area, or an art nouveau chandelier. On sale there are also stylish chandeliers of floristic type, they can be glass, plastic.

The choice of lighting

Many people think that choosing a lamp from glass or other material for the kitchen is very simple. Hang an unusual orange lamp in the center of the room - and the problem is already solved. But it is not so! Modern design solutions require completely different rules of the game. The choice of lighting the kitchen should take place at the stage of construction work, so that the repair team could hide the wiring to the lamp in your chosen area. In what sequence you need to choose and buy lighting?

It is advised to use this:

  1. Small lamps that will be located above the working surface (this is the main area);
  2. Lighting for the dining part of the kitchen (the first two zones in terms of frequency of use);
  3. Ceiling lights that will illuminate the entire room. The most ideal option is for ceiling models to perform only an auxiliary function. In rooms of large sizes it will be simply necessary, but in a small room you can refuse it;
  4. Separately, you need to come up with a highlight in the kitchen of a decorative nature: as an option, it can be LED.

General light

Traditionally, the kitchen hung lamps with a single lamp, or with a fan, but this classic has already outlived itself a bit, because this kind of lighting can hardly be called ergonomic. The light is concentrated in the central part of the room, where, basically, nothing is located. It is better to opt for a small lamp for the kitchen. Make suspensions, localize the light near the work area, you can install it on the hanging cabinets. At the same time the color of the lamp does not matter, as long as the owners like it. The most classic is the modern style chandelier. In general, it is worth highlighting the area in the kitchen where you most often will be. Those who cannot imagine a kitchen, where there are no two or three light bulbs in the lamp and it is not located in the center, it would be advisable to hang it strictly above the table. Modern alternative to kitchen chandeliers - suspended ceiling with built-in spots (small halogen lamps).

Kitchen can not be imagined with the "extra light." In large rooms it is even more necessary. Owners will be able to appreciate the advantages of lighting that are built into the furniture. This will be significant only when they search for the necessary condiment or dishes in the depths. Necessary things can be above the ceiling.

It is better to think about such lighting in advance, in a different way (if you want to get the necessary convenience), you will have to empty almost all the shelves and dismantle the cabinets from the wall: otherwise, it will be impossible to perform a hidden installation of the backlight.

Despite the classic, most often hostesses prefer lamps with a fan, which immediately combine the two necessary functions.

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