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Choosing wallpaper for the living room (54 photos): fashionable colors and their combinations

The living room is one of the main rooms in the house, so that the design of this room requires a sensible approach. For this room, it is important to choose the right materials with which to make repairs. That wallpaper in the interior of the living room is one of the best solutions for ennobling the room. Modern types of wallpaper can make the design of the room more attractive and festive, hide bumps and minor defects of the wall surfaces. So what combinations of wallpaper to use in the apartment, because everything plays a role here - a combination of colors, interior style, various options for the combination of decorative elements and finishing materials with furniture.

Before you start the selection, it is important to think about what color is better to use for the room, what wallpaper to glue the walls of the room, because there are dozens of types of such coatings. To do this, you should study parameters such as room illumination, examples of the design of existing rooms, options for applying different colors and patterns, as well as other nuances.

For example, often used types of wallpaper bright enough colors for bright and spacious living rooms. But there is also an unusual design in the form of sticking the wall with black wallpaper or 3D coatings.

Wallpaper specifications for the living room

  1. Wallpaper for the living room is better to choose practical and non-marking. However, for a large room the walls should not be glued with dark and black wallpaper. As an idea, it is recommended to use something between black or white wallpaper. It can be plain beige or green cover.
  2. Wallpaper in the interior of the living room should be environmentally friendly. Wallpaper for the living room must "breathe", and also do not accumulate dust and electric charge on themselves.
  3. Wallpaper for the hall should be resistant to burnout, because often in the apartment under the living room is a room of a large area. These types of rooms have many windows that beautiful green or beige wallpaper fade easily in the sun. Especially these are the options when it is decided to glue the room with paper or textile wallpaper. Therefore, the idea is to look at other types of coatings: liquid, dense non-woven wallpaper or glass wall.
  4. Wallpaper for the living room must look beautiful. Therefore, it is worth considering a different design, take into account the combination, color and combinations.

Color and ornament wallpaper

What are the colors of wallpaper best pokleit in the living room? First of all, you need to stick on those that you will like, however there are some nuances here too.

  1. The smaller the area of ​​the room and the lower the ceiling in it, the walls should be light and even white. Conversely, the larger the room and the higher the ceiling, the richer the wallpaper for the living room should be chosen. It will be appropriate even the design of black or dark 3D wallpaper.
  2. The first rule also applies to drawing: the ideal solution for a small room is modern small and rare patterns or fashionable geometric patterns. Wallpapers for the hall with a vertical strip will look great. Such a combination of wallpaper in the living room will visually increase the space of the room.
  3. You can consider other ideas and pasting combinations of wallpaper in the apartment. You can pick up beautiful moldings or stick on plain horizontal stripes so that the walls in the high room become lower. For a large-sized living room one should choose fashionable wallpapers for the hall with a large pattern.
  4. You should also take into account the degree of illumination of the room: for a room on the north side of the house it is better to choose light shades, for example, beige, cream, golden, green or lemon wallpapers for the hall. Light rooms with windows to the south are better for wallpapering cold types: blue, gray and green wallpapers for the hall.
  5. It is best to stick on the walls of the living room monochrome wallpaper for the hall of juicy and bright species that can cheer up, recharge with energy and give strength. It may be fashionable options for 3D wallpaper. However, you should not create a design only from bright 3D wallpapers, it is best to choose a combination where the walls are diluted with a calmer color, for example, beige solid colors.

Black color in the interior

Many people think which wallpaper to stick on, whether to choose plain, white or trendy beige shades? Should I use 3D wallpaper for the hall or a combination of wallpaper in the living room? And some decide to stick on the wall wallpaper in black colors. The black color is very deep. Many people think that the dark color makes the room visually closer. However, the deep black color gives the room a feeling of never-ending space. A gallery of photos or pictures on the wallpaper with black colors will look very contrast.

In the interior, all shades are perfectly combined with black colors. The design of the hall can include a combination of bright and catchy, as well as pastel colors with black shades. Black color can harmonize and combine a large number of bright accessories in the interior. With black flowers, bright green, white, gold, beige, turquoise and red colors look great. If you want a "royal" atmosphere, then with black shades you can choose a combination of white and gold. These are classic ideas for using black in the interior.

Wall mural

3D wallpaper, with images printed on them, can be effectively glued to the walls of the hall. 3D coatings of different types allow you to create a unique design. The combination of 3D photo wallpapers on one or several walls of the hall can help to correctly connect two types of interior design or divide the space into zones.

3D wallpapers are selected depending on the chosen thematic focus of the interior. It can be completely different 3D images: green meadows, serpentines, sea, beach, green forests or picturesque green spaces. It is best to use a combination of two coatings: a design of 3D wallpaper and coatings of monochromatic colors. The use of 3D images will make the design of the living room unlimited, and 3D wallpaper with a perspective will help to increase the room at least 1.5 times. Do not be afraid to glue 3D wallpapers of different types. The original 3D design will be able to emphasize the impeccable taste of the owner of the room and give the interior individuality.

Combining wallpaper in the living room

Combining the wallpaper in the living room may well create a miracle, as the usual combination can change the room beyond recognition. A simple solution is to combine walls with two types of surfaces: wallpaper and borders. The combination of a horizontal strip running along all the walls and different types of wallpaper will give the living room a chic look and visually reduce the height of the ceiling.

If you are in doubt about how to glue wallpaper into the living room, then you should choose several types of similar wallpapers. It is not difficult to glue them, the main thing is that the combination of wallpaper in the hall be made in matching colors. Stripes of different textures and colors of vertical orientation in the living room are also relevant, but do not get too carried away with color combinations. The design can be selected using a specially composed palette. You can choose the option of decorating the living room with the help of a mural from the wallpaper, it will contrast sharply with the main color of the interior. So gray is perfectly combined with a bright panel, which is decorated in black and decorated with large flowers or geometric figures.

Dark color of the walls is ideal to decorate with a "stained glass" with a delicate ornament of light colors. If you choose such a technique, you can create an interesting and original interior. You can also choose the method of combining the living room with the help of photo wallpaper. Modern wallpaper allows you to create beautiful decor. You can choose a large fragment of the royal palace, paradise island, sky or other interesting object. However, beautiful images not only need to choose, but also properly applied. For example, wallpapers can not tolerate:

  1. a mix of styles;
  2. a sharp contrast with other interior elements;
  3. combinations with a large ornament, which are on the main wallpaper.

In classical interiors, symmetry is traditionally used. Wallpaper inserts are perfectly combined with white monochrome wallpaper and painted walls. You can use wallpaper with different patterns, but it is recommended to adhere to the general color range.