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Map in the interior as an anticipation of wanderings (24 photos)

Who said that living quarters should be covered with standard wallpaper with a geometric pattern or one of the walls should be decorated with photo wallpapers of nature? There is no limit to the imagination of designers and manufacturers of finishing materials. For example, it is now fashionable to decorate the walls of office and residential premises with maps: geographical, political, physical, as well as their parts. Interior designers claim that it brings the spirit of adventurism into the house, encourages travel around the world, helps children to study geography, and gives official institutions a strict business look.

The map will be in place in any room.

Do not think that the card is relevant only in the office where it adjusts to work, helps to concentrate. It can be relevant everywhere. Framed with expensive baguette, decorate the living room. Simple, but bright is useful for the nursery. In the dining room, it would be appropriate to look at a world map with recipes of national dishes. And in the kitchen you can draw pictures from the atlas of hanging cabinets and even chairs. The card can even decorate the door with glass inserts.

Of course, you should consider the style in which the room is decorated.

The ideal would be a map in the interior, designed in a colonial or ethnic style. If your bedroom, for example, is decorated using African motifs, the map of Africa will be most welcome in it. If you prefer Japanese minimalism, decorate the bedroom walls with a map of this country.

White walls, typical of the Mediterranean style, combine with a large world map, made in color denim. This will add brightness without disturbing the style.

Perfect geographic map for registration of a children's room in a nautical style. Add to it globes, images of the steering wheel, anchors - your sailor will be delighted!

We agree that the decor of the cards is quite unusual, so be extremely attentive. Do not overload the interior, in which this element is inscribed, with unnecessary details. The main shades of furniture and draperies combine with the colors of the image. Designers recommend to give preference to two-color options in pastel colors - so the room will look more spacious.

Decoration and study guide: card in the nursery

The world map in the interior of the nursery can be of different types:

  • political, divided into states;
  • physical, showing plains, hills, rivers, oceans;
  • thematic, for example, with information about animals of a particular territory;
  • stylized antique;
  • star chart, etc.

Not only very interesting, but also the most informative for the child maps of his native land, the city in which he lives, even the metro map with the designation of stops. Such a "manual" will teach faster to navigate in space. Any of the above cards will serve the child in good stead.

What is the best way to decorate a children's room with cards? Immediately come to mind wallpaper. They are easy to paste over one or, if the card is very large, two or three walls in the room. Take care only that the paint on the photo wallpaper and glue are hypoallergenic and do not damage the health of the child. Let him use the bright buttons to mark some places on the map.

You will surely please the already grown up child by inviting him to design your own home. Create together an original map of the world, filling out the contours of the continents on the wall with figures of animals and birds living in these places. Cut them from magazines and books.

If the walls of the room are plain, it will be interesting to look at them the outlines of parts of the world with a minimum of symbols. The effect will create a selection of colors, which will be painted on each of them.

Cards can decorate the entire children's office: notebooks, diary, folders for papers, cups for pens, pencils and markers. And you can just throw on the floor a carpet in the form of a map, and let the child “travel” all over the world from infancy!

How to use the card in the interior?

You can simply hang a large map in a suitable place, for example, in the living room next to the book shelves. Or at the head of the bed, adding souvenirs with a touch of exotic and vintage suitcases near. This option is appropriate in an office or office. But, you see, it is not very decorative.

Then it is worth fantasizing. Make an old card artificially and place it in a suitable frame for the style. Maps, as if inherited from their ancestors, will add romance, create a vintage effect. And you can cut a map of the continent or any one state into parts, frame each, and almost merge it on the wall - it will turn out unexpectedly and interestingly.

A more traditional version is the wallpaper of the world map in the interior. They are infinitely varied. Can represent all continents together. Can - any one part of the world. Can - individual countries.

In a cozy corner of the living room, a large, full-size map can be a backdrop for a TV, for example. In the bedroom - to replace the headboard or decorate the wall in front of the bed. For the winter garden, you can choose a physical map with a relief image of irregularities of the earth's crust. How many worthy options! If the wallpaper completely closed one of the walls, the rest is better to leave monotonous.

Why exactly wallpaper? Consider other options. Geographical maps in the interior are used very versatile.

How do you like the idea of ​​a floor covering with an exact image of the continents and the names of geographical objects: countries, cities, rivers and mountains? No less impressive is the stretch ceiling of the bedroom with a map of the world or a single country on it. Or an embroidered picture-tapestry that faithfully reproduces the contours of the continents.

An even more creative option is when the contours of continents are circled on the wall with a marker, and then the inner space is decorated with mosaics or painted with different colors.

If you do not want to mount a huge map on the wall, you can use its components to decorate furniture. The easiest option is to stick an old card on the coffee table and place tempered glass on top. With the help of decoupage technique - when images are stuck to the surface - you can upgrade old furniture. Take, for example, a dresser. Cover the boxes with fragments of the map, and leave the rest of the dresser in the same color. See how simple and attractive it is.

The owners of the apartment, who have repeatedly traveled, have the right to cut out from the geographical map those countries that they honored with their presence, stick clippings to cardboard and hang posters in a convenient place.

Boxed with cards can serve as a place to store household items and at the same time decorate the interior.

And how interesting is bedding with a pattern that repeats the image of a world map! With success, you can apply and upholstery furniture with a geographic print. Have you ever seen a lamp made from a geographical globe? The impression is unforgettable!

At first glance, the world map is not a very decorative element for interior decoration. But with good taste and desire, by applying this detail, you can perfectly organize the indoor space, make it original, modern, unique. The map will constantly remind us of the beauty and fragility of our planet, tune in to its knowledge.